Creativity is a concept that is often left by the wayside when it comes to managers and leaders. But creativity is crucial for any business, and indeed is the way that most companies and entrepreneurs get started. Creativity should be incorporated into every business plan, and it is important that manager’s manage for creativity instead of trying to manage creativity. There needs to be room for creative thinking and creative solutions to problems. Here are some areas of focus that managers and team leaders can use to best utilise their workers best creative talents.

Drawing on the Right Minds

Right Mind

It is a manager’s job to assign the right teams to the right tasks. You should be aware of your workers individual skills and be able to delegate jobs accordingly. You should also make sure that all areas are being utilized and that all workers, from every level are encouraged to innovate within their role. Relying too much on one creative thinker can lead to not enough energy being put into organizational creativity, so make sure that projects are not focused directly to one person. Encouraging collaborations can lead to even greater innovation between teams.

Bringing Process to Bear

A good manager will map out the creative process. They should know what is required for each stage, what skill sets are needed and who will best fit each stage, and what technological support is needed. A major problem that can ruin the run of great creativity or simply put workers off trying to bring new ideas to their managers is the bureaucracy. It stifles creativity and a great manager will make pathways through it so that creativity can flow and workers aren’t put off even trying. You should also be attentive to what works and what doesn’t. Wasting time on creative processes that are a dead end is not good for anyone and you should know when to cut them off.

Fanning the Flames of Motivation


A great leader will provide intellectual challenge to their team. This means that you need to be aware of your team’s desires and passions in order to allow them to follow the path that they are most interested and challenged by.

Your attitude towards your team’s motivations and projects has a major impact on how they think about their task. The right kind of positive reinforcement and engagement with tasks can mean the difference between an innovative and passionate project worker and a complacent and uninterested one.

Managers and team leaders have much more impact on their workers than they may think. They also have a responsibility as a leader to push their staff and allow for creative processes to be open and free flowing. If you need more help for adding creative avenues to your business get in contact with Abundance Coaching today for some business coaching in the Sydney area, and also get some motivational speakers to get your workers in the right mind set.