• The Rise Up Declaration

    The Rise Up Declaration

    Do you feel like you need to rise up and seize your divine moments in life?

    I wrote this declaration to remind me that I need to rise up and embrace my true potential. Maybe you need to rise up as well. Read and declare the truths of rising up in your life.

    The Rising Up Declaration! By Scott Epp

    I am rising up!

    I have been brought to the lowest places

    but I know how to triumph and abound

    In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger,

    of facing abundance and need

    I can do all things through strength,

    determination, and faith

    I am rising up!

    There is a stirring deep within me

    and I feel the power of my surmounting self-belief

    I rise to my calling

    I am confident,

    I have hope,

    and I have endurance

    I am prepared for what Life has in store for me

    and I’m ready to make a stand

    I embrace my life’s journey:

    the past, the present, and the tomorrows

    I let my heart have the courage to move forward.

    I have a continual supply of hope

    Hope has been poured into my heart

    The steps to my future are ignited

    and I maintain high spirits for the plans ahead—

    I believe that I will rise to even greater heights

    I have my own, unique contributions to make on the world

    My gifts and abilities are mine and mine alone,

    and mine to share with others

    I have been called to a specific journey,

    and I am worthy of my calling

    for my gifts and my calling are irrevocable

    I am diligent in pursuing my call:

    I hone my skills so that I may serve;

    I seek out chances to live out my calling,

    I put into practice all of the qualities

    that make Me

    and because of this, I will not fail myself

    I am confident in myself,

    and I am confident in my purpose

    When I think about my purpose,

    I feel exuberant;

    I am invigorated by the sheer knowledge

    that there is a precise purpose for Me

    I set about my purpose with passion;

    I rise and stand on my feet,

    chasing after my personal appointment

    I know that there may be trials in my way,

    but I will remain strong and steadfast,

    staying loyal to my calling

    I persevere and hold tightly onto Goodness
    I move beyond my past

    and rise up into my present

    with the gifts of my future

    brimming forth

    The time has come for me

    to lay claim to the inheritance of my purpose,

    for me to end the cycle of ebb and flow

    and to sail smoothly into the sea

    of what has always been destined for me:

    I am overflowing with joy

    and cannot contain my excitement

    that I am about to fulfill my call,

    embarking on the next step of my life journey

    and having the deep knowledge

    that I am on the right path:

    this path is meant for me,

    this path is my purpose,

    this path is my own

    All of my life experiences,

    gifts, talents, and abilities

    will be brought together to fulfill

    the nature of what is to come

    and what is to come will be wonderful

    I fully accept and eagerly embrace my calling,

    and I fully accept and eagerly embrace my true self


    About the Author:

    Scott is the founder of Abundance Coaching and Breakthrough Corporate Training. Scott works with people who know there is something more for them in life but they’re not reaching it. His clients come to him because they struggle with confidence, motivation, direction on and purpose. Scott coaches people on their relationships, business and life with excellence on the phone, Skype or one-on-one. CLICK HERE to Get a Free 25 - 45 minute Purpose and Breakthrough Connection with Scott. Today is your day. This is Your Time. Step in and Take Action on Becoming your Authentic Amazing Best Self Today!