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Our Covid-19 Response – 50% off All Coaching Sessions / Packages

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“We are transitioning with our coaching offerings during the worldwide health crisis. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Covid-19. Now more than ever people will be looking for direction, purpose, and alignment in their life. At Abundance Coaching, we inspire and empower people to become their authentic amazing best. We will be here for you as you transition in this next season of life and give you the support, encouragement, direction, confidence, and accountability that you need in this difficult time. We are offering all of our coaching sessions and packages on-line on web conference software for 50% off until 30 June or until further notice. See our Store / Pricing page. We are an International Coaching Organisation that is based in Sydney Australia. Your Master Certified Abundance Coach is Scott Epp (Spiritual/Christian Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Relationship/Communication Coaching.) Your Certified Abundance Coaches are Greg Beech (Spiritual/Christian Coaching, Life Coaching ), Luke Ashcroft (Life Coaching, Health/Well-being Coaching, Relationship/Communication Coaching) and Nicole Epp (Relationship/Communication Coaching.) In the future we will add more Abundance Coaches to our network as we expand and bring the good news of Abundance in Life and Abundance Coaching to the world. In this season of Covid 19 we are especially concerned about the well-being and holistic health of people as they transition and adapt to the current times and the future. Use our helpful Currency Converter on this page. ” – Scott Epp – Co-founder of Abundance Coaching

We Inspire and Empower You to Become Your Authentic Amazing Best! Check out some of our Business / Life Coaching Success Stories!

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Covid-19 Notice. We are offering all of our coaching sessions and packages on-line on web conference software for 50% off until 30 June or until further notice. May you thrive in this season and may you continue to have hope.  

Whether you live in Sydney Australia or anywhere in the world we offer Life Coaching services Internationally. Our aim in this first connection is to get to know you and learn what you’re looking to achieve. This connection is all about encouragement and trust and at the end we aim to give you a plan and path to achieve what you’re looking for in life. Some of our clients want to gain confidence and direction. Some want to have support and tools to grow in relationships or business. Some are looking to transition and they need clarity and support. Whatever you need let’s take your great and make it greatness. 🙂 

If you feel that Abundance Coaching is what you need right now then check out our Coaching options below. Due to the current Health Pandemic we have decided to offer All of our Coaching options for 50% off until further notice. We coach clients anywhere around the world. All of our prices are in Australian Dollars. Feel free to use our Currency Converter:

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