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What are some of the benefits of coaching?

Coaching is an investment in yourself, designed to help you discover what matters the most to you, and help you on a path towards achieving your goals. Coaches help give you an outside viewpoint that allow you to see how others see you and the grand possibilities in your future. Everyone can benefit from a life coach, whether you are currently suffering through life’s struggles or simply know that you are meant for more in life. Your coach provides you with self-assurance, support, certainty, confidence, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration depending on your needs and situation.

Is coaching right for me?

Coaching can be great for someone who has accepted their past and is ready to build strategies and take action to achieve their goals. You can call or go online to book a free coaching session to see if coaching is right for you!

How do you perform your session?

I offer face-to face, phone, and Skype sessions.

Is the first coaching session free?

Absolutely! I feel it’s very important to offer a free initial session to make sure both the client and I feel the coaching relationship will be a good fit.

Do you offer coaching packages?

Each client has different needs so I have several personal and business coaching packages to choose from on our website.

Can you speak at my event or business?

Definitely! I speak at events and offer workshops on a request basis. Just call or enquire online.

What is Abundance Coaching really about?

At Abundance Coaching our goal is to take your great and make it greatness! Scott Epp (C.P.C.), Certified Professional Coach and owner of Abundance Coaching believes that each of us can live abundantly. With his empowering, encouraging processes Scott will help you get clarity on what you really want out of life and get what you want faster.We believe that Life coaching is all about having intentional, purposeful and powerful conversations that are focused on you the client moving forward in life. Together you will push through the obstacles that block you from reaching your full potential which will truly allow you to live a life of abundance. Scott supports his clients through their transitions and helps them transform and create changes to realize an authentic, purposeful and powerful way of living.

What are people saying about Scott Epp’s coaching?

“My goal with coaching with Scott was to find some purpose and direction in my life. To gain a better understanding of my core values and what I stand for and to figure out where I had lost myself along the way. Also to be able to look to a future career change and find out what that may be. Pretty much all of these goals have been achieved. Scott’s demeanour and positive, compassionate attitude are paramount in our sessions. He provides a transparency that allows you to open up to him and know that everything is in love and trust. Also you know that he wants what is best for you, and therefore his questioning digs in so that you can’t just give a superficial answer, but rather more probing into your inner being.”– Monty

“What I most appreciate about Scott’s style of coaching is the great energy that he brings to every session and the powerful ways he acknowledges me. These qualities were especially important for me in that we were working on some self-doubt that I was carrying around. Not only did he ask thought provoking questions, but he also had a great way of letting me know that it was alright to feel that way, and then went on to build me up with acknowledgements of the things I had done well throughout the process.” – Kim

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