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    Importance of Mindfulness to Living Life

    Mindfulness seems to be the trendy word of the current times. You have probably heard this term before. In fact, you probably hear this term quite often these days. You hear it so much but yet you probably do not even really fully understand what it is. This is a big mistake because living [...]

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    What Can Life Coaching Do For You? Abundance Coaching

    Are you one of those people wondering whether life coaching would benefit them or not? You're not alone. Even though millions are ranting about its effectiveness, many remain skeptical. They may not understand how simple it is in principle, and how powerful it is in application. All through your life, from childhood, you have [...]

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    Hard Work

    “Hard work” is considered as one of the finest qualities a person can possess. It is what leads success to our lives, our communities and our nation. Good, hard workers are always concerned about the quantity and quality of their work. They become valuable to any organization or company, because they are productive and [...]

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    Living a humble life gives us personal and inner peace, we won't be defensive since we have nothing to hide. Living a humble life will also lead us to be at peace with others because we will look for and recognize the good qualities in others rather than having an over-inflated opinion about ourselves. [...]



    From its lexical meaning, "Honesty" can be defined as being fair and truthful, free from deceit, genuine and real, and devoid of manipulations or misleading statements or actions with the intent to deceive. Honesty is not just truth but truthfulness, which includes the intent of that truth. It is more than truth; it deals [...]



    A productive life translates to a better life. Productivity will take us out of an attitude of complacency and make us conscious of time, it will also make us responsible enough for our abilities and ideas. Being productive motivates us and give us confidence and hope. But the question is how to live a [...]