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The Abundance Coaches (Scott Epp and Greg Beech) are committed to help your business or organization succeed and breakthrough.  We deliver our training content using inspiring presentations, engaging videos, games, discussions, and coaching.  There are many training courses on the market today but at Abundance Coaching we seek to connect our training content and delivery to your business and organizational outcomes.  Rather than simply unpacking a range of training courses with a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we believe you are looking for some clear outcomes for your unique business and therefore we tailor our training to ensure your desired outcomes are achieved.

Corporate Training in Sydney and in your work placeWe believe there is a big difference between a learning organization and a training organization.  Training often takes place in a vacuum and is unrelated to clear business objectives.  On the other hand learning organizations connect training to business outcomes and objectives.  The Abundance Life coaches have developed training technologies that go beyond the traditional training mores, and we focus on the outcomes your business is targeting.  Training must connect to daily priorities, tasks, career development, staff retention, team development, etc.

Abundance Coaches understand the importance of businesses anticipating and navigating change, of accentuating strengths, of developing global mindsets, and of developing a learning culture across the organization.

10s of 1000s of People have been Transformed!

Sydney Corporate Training, Workshops and Retreats

Hi, I’m Scott Epp, Owner of Abundance Coaching and Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Coach based in Sydney Australia. Greg Beech often presents with me which gives your team or business or event a unique, engaging and dynamic experience.
Between the two of us we have help 10s of 1000s people from all walks of life in countries
around the world to transform their lives through our speaking, coaching, training. In Australia Greg and Scott have led Breakthrough Conferences and Workshops and for people in various businesses such as Sydney Structural and Sita. We can also be hired to speak and teach / train your group anywhere around the world. Enquire on the form at the bottom of this page or call +61 481 307 778 to get Scott to Speak at your next event.

Hire Scott Epp and Greg Beech to Speak at your next Business Event!

Scott Epp and Greg Beech Corporate Trainers and Team Leadership SpeakersYou and your team will find Scott Epp and Greg Beech creative, inspiring, motivating, warm, friendly and challenging as a speakers or workshop / Retreat leaders. Each topic can be covered in ranges from 10 minutes to 1 hour. If your team requests a workshop on these or other topics one can be arranged. Additionally, we can write a speaking program or workshop that is customized to the topic(s) of your choosing. If needed, we can also set up a teleconference workshop
online for your group. 

As a Sydney Motivational Speakers our workshops, corporate training, leadership training and retreats are done in the city of Sydney and throughout Australia. However we can be hired to speak at your event or business in anywhere in Australia and Internationally.

Scott Epp

Corporate Trainer / Motivational Speaker
Life Coach / Business Coach / Executive Coach / Owner of Abundance Coaching

Canadian born Scott Epp is passionate about helping people breakthrough their BIGGEST challenges so that they can live their life purpose with passion and abundance! He has been coached by some of the world’s most successful Performance Coaches including Andrea J Lee and Ted McGrath and now he has helped 1000s of people on stage, in groups and one-on-one to breakthrough and achieve success in life. Scott is a Sydney Australia based Life, Business and Executive Coach who coaches his clients locally and in countries around the world. Scott is also a Corporate Trainer, Team Leader and Facilitator helping leaders, executives and teams with their mindset, beliefs, goals, actions, productivity and performance. Scott will be sharing Strategies that will empower you to live to your full potential, be your authentic amazing self and get the results you need the most in your life. Scott’s style of speaking flows through motivation, inspiration and high impact teaching styles. Be prepared to breakthrough your biggest challenges!

Greg Beech

Corporate Trainer / Motivational Speaker
Life Coach / Business Coach / Executive Coach 
Greg is a Life Coach, Consultant and Leadership Trainer – inspiring others to change the world and be their best. Greg empowers people to communicate effectively, be efficient and productive and to perform at their best. Greg travels extensively to third world countries as a motivational speaker and trainer. Having witnessed poverty first hand, Greg was moved to do all he could to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Greg speaks to groups ranging from 10 – 5,000 people, and has given thousands of presentations internationally, leading workshops, seminars, business presentations, and speaking on a wide range of subjects related to breakthrough and transformation. Greg is passionate about helping people breakthrough in all areas of their life and his life experience and determination have positioned him to be a catalyst for change in thousands of people’s lives around the world. Greg speaks with wisdom and authority as a motivational and inspiring teacher.

Training, Retreat and Workshop Topics

Scott and Greg are your Sydney Australia Motivational Speakers, Workshop Leaders and Corporate Trainers. Here are some popular speaking topics:

Here are more of our popular Leadership, retreat and workshop titles.

Healthy leadership practices

Transformational leadership

Social intelligence and leadership

The normal leadership skillset – vision, goals, delegation character of a leader

Team building

Leading change

Giving back.

Lasting the distance

The power of trust.

The leader’s integrity.

6 reasons leaders fail.

Characteristics of dysfunctional leadership and how to transform them.

Finding your leadership style

The power of encouragement

Organizational pain. Symptoms, causes and solutions.

The leader as problem solver

Coaching teams. The leader as coach.

The narcissistic leader

Beyond Pareto. Reversing the 20% – 80% rule.

Coping with criticism.

Values and Principles – Building Strong Character, Courage, Vision and Leadership in your Business!

Qualities of Excellence – Become Excellent at what you do and love it!

Here are more of our popular team building, retreat and workshop titles.

The Total Confidence and Self Belief Blueprint!

Building Relationship for Successful Business Owners, Executives and Employees

Building Effective Teams

The 5 Keys to Create an Abundance Mindset!

Bringing a Heart Transformation Back into the Workplace!

How to Find Your Passion and live to your Full Potential

What are Your Essential Core Values in Life – Getting focus on what matters the most to you!

Finding Balance with your Personal and Work Life!

Setting Goals to Set Goals – Becoming SMART about Goal Setting and Get things done

Topics for our Corporate Training in Sydney and Around the World

Bringing the Heart into your Business!!
Type of talk: Motivating 30% – Teaching 40% – Leading / Influencing 30%

We can bring Heart Styles  to your business as Heart Life Accredited Facilitators. If it is time for you to transform your workplace and move from ineffective to effective behaviour this is a great program. I bring this powerful insight for life tool into your workplace or church and facilitate workshops on how to move from ineffective to effective behaviours and how to bring love back into the workplace.

The Effective Principle Driven Leader!!
Type of talk: Motivating 30% – Teaching 40% – Leading / Influencing 30%

Scott is as a Global Priority Values and Principles Certified Trainer. If you know that it’s time to bring values and principles back into your workplace this program is awesome. Highly successful in North and South America Scott is trained to deliver 40 values and principles in an interactive way to your organization or church. These principles will instill character, leadership, vision and courage into your team. Although Greg is not certified in this advanced Principle training he has 1000s of hours coaching, training and equipping people on how to be effective as a leader while standing firm with virtues and principles. We are capable of bringing these tools to your business and transforming your culture with them. (Feel free to check out to find out more about one of our coaching / corporate training offerings.)

Awaken the Wild Lion Within – For leaders who need to be their authentic amazing best self
Alternative title (The Voice that Moves: Being the Leader that Inspires) 
Type of talk: Motivating 50% – Teaching 30% – Leading / Influencing 30%

There is a story and a voice inside of you that needs to be heard. This speech is a call out to all Toastmasters to use their voice to move people all around the world. It is our conviction and the depth of our stories that move people to action yet we often stifle ourselves by thinking that our message isn’t important enough. Since the beginning stories have moved people to achieve almost anything! In this talk Scott will awaken the wild lion within you so that you can boldly and effectively lead and inspire everyone around you. Be warned, this speech will move you! You will awaken the wild lion within you!

Catching the Waves of Change 
Alternative title (Effectively Navigating Change in Life and the Workplace)
Type of talk: Motivating 30% – Teaching 50% – Leading / Influencing 30%

We live in a time where constant change is normal, both in life and in business. These waves of change are increasing in velocity. The waves of change have the potential to drastically alter how we conduct business. In this talk Scott will demonstrate the differences between managing the change and navigating change. Scott will show you how to create an abundance mindset to help you ride the waves of change! You will discover the right places to look / be and sense the change that is all around us and you. Don’t just get hit by the waves of change, catch them.

The 12 Steps to Getting Unstuck so that you can Live your Life Purpose with Passion and Abundance!
Type of talk: Motivating / Inspiring 30% – Teaching 30% – Leading / Influencing 50%

Let’s face the reality that we get stuck in life sometimes. Maybe you feel like you’re lacking passion. Do you even know what it could mean to have abundance in life? Everyone needs a breakthrough. A breakthrough is a moment of time when the impossible becomes possible. It’s that moment where you realize you can achieve anything, harnessing your incredible personal strength through sheer will and determination. It often starts with a total heart transformation. In this talk Scott will be bring you through the 12 empowering steps that will help you get unstuck from anything in your life so that you can live your life purpose with passion and abundance! This talk is very applicable to leaders and anyone who wants to live their full potential! When a leader lives by these principles the effects ripple down the line to everyone on their team.

The 5 Keys to Winning at your Game of Life!
Type of talk: Motivating 40% – Teaching 30% – Leading / Influencing 30%

Life is a precious gift that is a blessing from God. Every day you’re presented with choices and opportunities, just like in a game, and you have the opportunity to make any of the choices and actions that you want to make. You can play the game defensively. You can play the game offensively. You can do your best to win the game and you can do your least and lose the game. Do you know if you’re winning or losing at your game of life?

When you sign up you will receive a 1 hour video of a talk that I gave live on the 5 keys to Winning At your Game of Life! You will learn the proven strategies to:

– Discover Yourself Early and Often!
– Have Balance and Gain Momentum!
– Build Overflow into your Life!
– Develop Areas of Trouble!
– Get Accountable to a team, mentor and/or coach to ensure your success!

Presenting a Winning Speech Workshop
Type of talk: Motivating 20% – Teaching 40% – Leading / Influencing 40%

I have been mentored by some great people and I have used advanced techniques on how to write and present a winning speech. I will share my proven strategies with you at this advanced “Presenting a Winning Speech Workshop.”

In this 2.5 – 5 hour workshop I will be covering these advanced techniques and strategies:

– How to Write a Winning Speech
– The BIGGEST things to avoid when presenting your speech.
– How to Engage the audience
– How to tell a Killer Story
– Moving with Purpose
– The most effective body language
– Voice Projection and Variety that works
– What makes a winning speech a winner?
– Move them with a BANG!
– What the judges and the audience look for in a winning speech

Motivational Speaking in Sydney and Around the World

Greg Corporate Training and We remember speeches from our past and current presidents, prime ministers and leaders. We are influenced by speeches from famous movies and we are inspired by the speeches that united the underdogs to win the big game or fight. We are moved by speeches and that is why speeches retreats and workshops work to move and inspire people so something greater.

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak in front of 1000s of people. I am a Canadian and I moved to Sydney Australia in August 2013 because my wife is from Australia and we desired to embrace the opportunity. As a Motivational Speaker I have had the privilege to compete and win dozens of speech competitions at the club, area, division and district levels with Toastmasters International. Along the way I have been mentored by some great people and I have used advanced techniques on how to write and present a winning speech, retreat or workshop. I am inspiring and innovative in my approach using visualizations, motivation, interaction and teaching to engage my audience. Since moving to Australia I have teamed up with seasoned speaker Greg Beech to do corporate training, retreats, leadership training and workshops. Greg is highly qualified and between the two of us we have 10s of 1000s of hours speaking, coaching, training and teaching people from all walks of life in countries around the world. In Australia Greg and Scott have led Breakthrough Conferences and Workshops and for people in various businesses such as Sydney Structural and Sita. Here is a sample some of the companies that Scott Presented to in Canada.

Scott did most of his corporate training in Canada from 2009 to 2013 because that was where he lived. Today Scott lives in Sydney Australia and he leads workshops, presents keynote speeches, does corporate training and leadership training in Sydney Australia and Internationally.

Scott did most of his Motivational Speaking and Corporate training in Canada from 2009 to 2013 because that was where he lived. Today Scott lives in Sydney Australia and together with Greg Beech they lead workshops, presents keynote speeches, does corporate training and leadership training in Sydney Australia and Internationally.

Client Testimonials

“Our company is currently undergoing a significant corporate change, and we had Scott present at one of our conferences in May.  Scott spoke about and gave us ideas on how we can try to successfully navigate through this change, as well as how to have an abundance mindset throughout the change process.  His presentation was well received by the attendees at the conference, and the information was very relevant and practical for use both at work, and in our personal lives.   I would recommend Scott for any company dealing with significant challenges or change.  His positive attitudes and presentation style was a great addition to our conference.”

Leslie Ward
Team Leader – Saskatoon Team
The Workers’ Compensation Board

“Thank you again for the wonderful talk. The clients were so engaged and genuinely interested in listening to you. It is a sad reality that for many of them- you are the first person who has told them they are ‘amazing!’ I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”

Patricia Drews, P.Dt.
Senior Sales Associate
Saskatchewan Health Region

“Thank you for your fantastic presentation at the Scotiabank Managers Conference. You made us laugh and you inspired us to get unstuck in life. Your values exercise was a great success and everyone had insights into what mattered the most to them. Your line ‘Your Amazing’ has caught on and everyone in the office is using it.”

Joanne Fisher

Scotiabank Small Business Development Manager
Saskatchewan and Manitoba North District

“Scott has a real involving style that is great fun and carries you along and he always delivers brings you on a journey… Scott uses words that fires people and he is engaging and enthusiastic in is presentations. In his interactive Awaken the Wild Lion within Speech was a great metaphor and it sure hit home the point that we have this voice within us and boy did we let it all out. We all Roarred!”

James Bykowy
Support Lead
Schneider Electric

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