One of the things that tend to pop up again and again in our lives is a focus on the negative. A lot of times in our daily conversations, in the news, by the water cooler and pretty much everywhere we hear an overwhelming amount of negative-focused information, negative emotions and negative ideas, while also sharing negative-biased ideas ourselves. We tend to complain a lot and are more accustomed to giving most of our attention to the bad.

This often originates, like so many other things, in childhood. For example, many parents pay more attention to bad grades than to good grades. When a child gets good grades, everything’s as it is supposed to be, while when they get bad grades, that’s a situation requiring attention and intervention. Right? Not quite. This teaches a focus on the negative. The positive aspects are seen as the “standard” and the negative aspects are seen as the ones that appear most significant. However, this can lead to a twisted view of reality in which one mistake or one flaw means more than ten wins or qualities. This can lead to a low self-esteem, problems with achievement and motivation and many other things. It can be difficult to change this focus because it seems very natural. Here is where life coaching can come in to change these aspects. Coaching, especially some forms of it, have a strong emphasis on the positive and can help you change it too.

An important feature of coaching is that focus on the positive. Does it mean ignoring problems? No. However, instead of boosting problems, it boosts the best aspects and helps you recognize your ability, skills, and strengths.

Coaching often works with aspects like values, allowing you to be motivated in a positive manner by the things that matter to you. It allows you to know yourself better and to focus on the aspects that really make you tick rather than on those that seem to be off.

Coaching is also focused on discovering and improving your strengths, often helping you recognize them in yourself and applying them to your goals. It can help you improve yourself while still being true to the aspects that make you be who you are.

Coaching can help you take a more optimistic approach to the world. You can become more resilient and use your problems as opportunities for growth.

An element that often appears in coaching is spirituality. You can grow in that aspect of your life as well as in others, helping you find more of a meaning in your life and having a more comprehensive personal growth.

If you are interested in focusing on the positive in yourself, the world and others, you should consider life coaching. We offer our services in Sydney, Australia and would welcome you to contact us through our website where you can book a consultation or a coaching session with one of our life coaches.