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There is no denying that in Australia and around the world many economies are struggling. Things have definitely come up economically since the Global Financial Crisis but It may take years – possibly even decades – for you to see a thriving and growing economy and there is no guarantee that your company is going to be able to take advantage of its growth. But what likely wont surprise you is that the biggest loss to companies is productivity loss. In fact, over the past several decades, employees have drastically cut down on the amount of effort they bring in to the workplace – many of them spending less than 60% of their day working! They have forgotten their values and principles. They gossip, they become complacent, they fight – executives all over the world find that their business has lost touch with its values and principles and need to find direction again. 

We do business coaching in Sydney Australia, Melbourne, Perth and will do coaching over the phone anywhere in Canada, United States, within North America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, South Africa and pretty much the globe. So far have clients on every continent of the world except Antarctica. 🙂 Our programs can be customized.


Having Abundance In Life

As a life coach and business coach, I offer coaching that can help you put your business back on track. Numerous studies have shown the benefits that coaching has on ROI. That is why I offer consulting that has been proven to help businesses all over the world. I work directly with executives, management and middle management in businesses that need someone that can come in and help companies fix their employee’s values and teach them the skills necessary to bring back value to the company.

Abundance Coaching has a Corporate Training and Workplace / Executive Coaching division called Breakthrough Corporate Training. I invite you to go to this website to see how we can help you and your team with your training, workshop, speaking and professional workplace coaching needs. We are based in Sydney however we do have clients around the world and we can develop a customized program for your team in many cases. Go to: or call 0481 307 778 for more information. 

What Employees Are Doing Wrong

Rather than focus their attention on ambition and drive, we have been taught to become cynical and distrusting. Everywhere there is gossip and finger pointing. Employees talk about other employees behind their backs, complaining instead of doing anything to take action. They feel themselves the victim but rarely put in the effort to try to gain respect and earn their pay.
Over time the morale of the workplace suffers. Like the video you see below, even the smallest disagreement begins to turn into a hectic struggle between the entire office.

Strategic Planning in LifePretty soon your entire workforce has become a mess of employees making their issues worse every day and ignoring its effects on your workplace. No matter how hard you try to manage the employees, you find that they are resistant. They are too focused on their own worries and problems to put effort into their daily tasks. Their values continue to take turns for the worst, and you are left with a workplace that is in drastic need of some help. Your leadership is only one part of the process. The issue is that the problems that persist at work are not limited to the workplace. They occur in the home as well. As these employees stray from their values they start to lose their ability to cope with the necessary change and growth of your business.

Leadership Coaching, Growth and Values and Principles

Your leadership is not enough to put them back on track. You need each individual employee to regain their values and principles. You need them to get in touch with what matters the most to them so that they can be motivated to put in 110% and provide you with the productivity you had hoped to be paying for. That is how you can benefit from my values and principles coaching. My business coaching philosophy has proven effects on company productivity, morale, and overall contentment. Using Global Priority’s principles and values coaching methodologies, my methods have been shown to have incredible benefits to your business’s ROI.

benefits of coaching and leadership in your business

  • Show your employees how their values and principles need to be changed.
  • Help them learn how to take responsibility for output and behaviors.
  • Teach them how our program is able to benefit all facets of their lives.
  • Give them the skills necessary to use what they have learned in the workplace and beyond.

Business coaching gives employees the skills, focus, knowledge and drive that they need to be not only productive employees, but motivated, friendly, and thoughtful employees as well. The skills they will learn from my values and principles program will help each individual employee receive significant changes in the way they live their lives. Businesses just like yours have found that my values and life coaching services have given them an astounding return on investment and employees that have focused their lives on achieving their visions and dreams.

Our Business Coaching Improves Communication in the Workplace

SuccessIn addition to values and principles coaching, I also teach employees Life Languages©. Life Languages© skill learning involves a program that helps each individual understand their own Life Language©, as well as teach them how to assess, react, and respond to the Life Languages© of others. We will match them with their scores, ranges and intensities to learn who they are and what they need to do to improve their communication and relationships. The result is a far more harmonious workplace that recognizes each individual’s needs and gives them the skills necessary to experience greater levels of unity. But that’s not all. Life Languages© have been shown to improve the health of client relationships, because your employees will be better communicators with everyone you work with. They will also experience greater levels of overall wellness that will reduce compensation claims and improve moral in the workplace.

Business and Life Coaching Benefits for Employees

This type of business and life coaching has shown considerable benefits all over the world. Companies across the country have seen their toxic work environment turn into one with:

  • Higher morale between all employees.
  • Healthier and more productive levels of communication.
  • Vastly improved productivity in the workplace.
  • Less turnover and greater levels of commitment.
  • Stronger levels of focus and clarity at work.
  • Stress reduction both at work and at home.
  • Greater revenue streams for the company.
  • Better direction and an improved response to your leadership.

My values and life coaching practice has been shown to be the jump start your business needs if you hope to improve your overall revenue stream, and you are welcome to contact me today to discuss how my services can benefit your organization.

The Amazing Benefits of Our Business Coaching

From these examples it should be clear how much business coaching can benefit you. These services are some of the most beneficial available for helping turn businesses – and lives – around. Still, even with these benefits you may still have reservations. You no doubt see the personal benefits to business and life coaching, but perhaps you are still unsure about whether or not business coaching truly has the power to transform your company. So let the numbers do the talking. According to many different estimates, business and life coaching can achieve a return on investment of anywhere from 500% to 1000%.That’s right – for every dollar you spend, your companies earn as much as ten, and that doesn’t include any improved ROI from greater communication, improved morale, fewer turnovers and other intangible benefits of coaching. It truly is one of the most beneficial experiences you can give for your company.


Executive coachingYour employees are not the only ones that can benefit from Abundance Coaching! I also have executive coaching options to help you gain clarity, awareness, vision and leadership in your life. My role is not to teach you what to do with your company. I am not a business consultant or an executive. I know that YOU have what it takes to lead that company. However, I also know that being a leader involves challenges, both personally and professionally. It can be stressful at the top trying to manage both the business and your own life while trying to keep hold to the things that you value most. That is why I also offer executive coaching. Executive coaching is not about trying to get you to impress your shareholders or telling you where to take the company. You already have what it takes to do all of those things inside you Instead, my coaching is designed to be there as a motivator. I will be there to help be a sounding board for your decisions and support you through your struggles. I will make sure that your potential is being reached and help you improve your leadership, influence, and knowledge skills. The Amazing Benefits of Executive Life Coaching You are a person too, and everyone can use a life coach on their side to help expand their abilities at their businesses. There are many benefits of working with me as an executive coach including:

  • Helping you become more self-aware of your own behaviors, skills, and limitations.
  • Expanding your ability to learn from what is around you in order to achieve your dreams.
  • Teaching you how to avoid roadblocks and withstand any pitfalls you may encounter.
  • Showing you how to balance your work and life schedule better.
  • Improving your ability to find contentment with your work and your workplace.
  • Directing you towards unlocking new opportunities for yourself and your business.

There are so many benefit of Executive Life Coaching that it would be difficult to list them all here, but give me a call today and I can show you how executive coaching can make your life even better. The benefits of Executive Coaching were even featured in the New York Times in an article explaining how life coaching has helped executives from companies across the globe achieve their dreams in life and improve the health and leadership in their business.

Customizable Business Coaching Programs For Your Company

It is my goal to help your company vastly improve its revenue stream. The best way to do that is through my business coaching methods. Your company simply needs to give me a call today, and we can discuss how my values and principles coaching methods have the potential to not only improve your company’s revenue, but also improve the quality of life for all of the employees under your management. Partnering with your company, I can come in and work one on one with yourself and your employees, helping them uncover their values and principles and get back to doing the work you have always wanted. I can also come and work with you directly through my executive coaching service, providing you and or your executive team with direction, focus, and clarity in your life.

My name is Scott Epp and I am a Certified Professional Coach. Most of my clients are business owners, professionals or executives. My coaching vision is to support, guide and encourage people to find and action their potential so that they get optimal success. If you are interested in taking your next step towards achieving your goals and living the life you desire then I invite you call me at 0481 307 778 or clicking here to schedule a time for me to meet you or call you. (This is our Australia local website. For our Go to our Breakthrough Corporate Training and Executive / Workplace Coaching Website global website go to

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