We have 2 paths with our coaching. The One-off path and the Journey path. If you are interested in learning more about our Epic Journey path – then please check out our 12-month partnership programs by going to our Abundance Coaching Pricing Page. If you want a One-off coaching connection this is the right page to be on. Maybe you want to get a clearer sense of where you are. Perhaps you’re going through a transition or you need coaching through a decision or change. It could be to get a boost in confidence, business direction, values or your why worth living. Whatever your desire you can schedule a one-off Coaching connection on this page. You will be prompted to answer a few short questions about how we can serve you, how we will meet etc. Then Pay for your connection on your credit card and that’s it. Too easy! If you have pre-paid for your connection then just choose the pre-paid booking option. Book your connection with us and get your breakthrough!

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