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    This is a page to INSPIRE you, to help you see there is MORE to life than the obstacles we face. No matter what challenges may impose upon us, we can always conquer them, we can always control who we are and what we become if we at first control our own minds.

    Our destinies truly are ours, and ours alone. With that said, more videos will be added overtime including my own to help you and inspire. Come back often, use these videos as inspiring tools to help you with your own life goals.

    If you know of an Inspiring Video that you want to recomment e-mail me at scott@abundancecoaching.ca with the link and an explaination why you feel it should be on this page.


    Coach Flowers at Leland High School gave an incredible motivational speech.

    I will conquer what has never been conquered. Defeat will not be in my creed. I will believe where all those before me have doubted. I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor and respect of my team. I have trained my mind and now my body will follow!


    Be inspired by what could be the most motivating and inspiring speeches Ever. Are You A Champion?


    People are always looking down on themselves, on who they are, or what they are. Yet there is no reason, there is no affliction so fantastic or wound so grave that it can truly steal the happiness out of your life!

    This man is a prime example and testimonial to that statement.

    Born without arms, without legs, but with a brilliant mind and great heart… this man travels the world inspiring people to look at themselves in a light that makes them realize that they are great just the way they are.

    I hope he helps you realize that you too, are great. Please watch this.

    There is a very good chance you were born with in a more favorable situation than this man. Did this video inspire you to know that you can be great just the way you are? What else can you become?


    How many times have you failed at accomplishing something? Some task or another? Maybe you have pounded your head against what seems like an unbreakable brick wall over and over again and you’re feeling very unaccomplished. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re ready to just give up!

    Well… if you know anything about failure is that there is only one way to fail… and that is to never do. This video will put failure into perspective for you. If you feel frustrated trying to make changes in your life, that everything you do doesn’t seem to work, let this video inspire you to keep on going.

    What inspires you to keep going in the face of failure?


    Randy Pausch was a visionary. Diagnosed with a terminal disease that would kill him in mere months, he began to give speeches to his college that he was a professor at. His speeches consisted of following your dreams, and how even though he will be so sad to go, that he had no regrets. That he had lived an incredible life.

    Even in the face of adversity, in the face of literal death, Randy smiled. He loved this world and accomplished many a great thing, and he teaches you that no matter the obstacle if you followed your dreams, your passions, then you will live a life of no regret.

    This is truly inspiring. Watch the video below:

    After Hearing Randy, what obstacles can you overcome is you follow your dreams?


    Tony Robbins is a famous personal development coach that helps people re-engineer their mindsets and core values. In fact, it is what this website is all about. We are here to help you master yourself further and further into total mastery.

    There are reasons behind everything we do and construct in our lives. Knowing how we have built the construction of our own realities also allows us to tear down the current framing and replace it with one that is

    After hearing Tony Robbins talk… What is your true potential?


    You have to Believe!

    Will Smith is best known for his movies and his music. In this video he boldly explains his secrets to success and tells why he feels he has risen above others and a great deal is due to pure work ethic… When other people are sleeping he’s working and his goal is to become an expert craftsman at his talent.

    There is a certain delusional quality to people becoming You have to believe that something different can happen… Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity… I’m motivated by the fear of fear. You have a dream, you’ve gotta protect it. If you want something, go get it period.

    If there is something that you want will you go out and get it?



    This is a little different from the other videos as it is a music video. But a very powerful one. The Hasidic Jewish reggae rocker Matisyahu sings in One Day about continuing to work for peace in the world, resolved to end conflict.

    This is an important video, it shows character, core values and a vision for a greater future. It is important to be able to have vision in your life, without a vision of where you are going, you are blinded literally. You are just floating, and drifting through the places of life.

    This video I believe will speak to you about having this vision, as well as helping you yourself to resolve to having a core value mission statement that will help drive you to where you want to go in life, and with what you wish to become.

    How will having a core values mission statement help propel you to where you want to go in life?


    Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo.

    This concept is really fascinating, and it shows the power of a single idea. An idea, a thought that occurs in someone’s mind, can be brought out into the world, materialized into a real world deal in which that one idea… could change the entire world.

    What is cool about Carrotmob also is that it represents the idea that everyone can help change the world. Using the power of creative imagination and desire, you can bring forth from the recesses of your mind something so amazing you can change the entire world… one idea can change the entire existence of humanity at large.

    That is… should you go and allow yourself to master your own ideas? Enjoy this video & inspirational concept of progressive change.

    Should you go and allow yourself to master you own ideas?


    Steve Jobs, owner & founder of Apple and Pixar, gives his commencement speech to the graduating class at Stanford. In it he describes the important of staying hungry & staying foolish. Of how important it is to go after the things you love.

    He also gives light to a very weighty topic, the fact that one day we must all go to our common destination at the ends of our lives. Therefore it is even more important for us to not live anyone’s lives, but ours.

    You may not love Steve Jobs but he makes a interesting point. No one can live your life but yourself. Are you letting someone else live parts of your life and what are you doing today that is building a legacy?


    Zig Ziglar is a renown speaker and presenter, and in this video he lives up to his reputation. The idea of how attitude influences things from your happiness, to your job and to your success is an incredible thing.

    In this speech, Zig describes a woman who has been poisoned by her own anger, and that anger has made her blind to the wonderful things in life. Using Zig’s steps, she is able to recover and see all the wonderful things that are in her life that makes life worth living for.

    All of this comes about, due to just simple attitude adjustments.

    Wow! What adjustments in your attitude are you will to make and what benefits do you feel there will be as results of making them?


    Pardraig Hyland spins theclassic record “Everybody’s Free” by Baz Luhrmann into a video about business motivation. Motivating people into moving along the right paths that suits them in life, and helping them not to get stressed out about how their decisions now will affect the foundations of their futures.

    One thing he points is that the real failures in life only are the things you have never attempted, to trust in your dreams and remember the rewards you have received.

    Watch this great video below:

    Is it true that real failures in life are only the things you have never attempted? How can you trust your dreams more and remember the rewards you have received?


    A remarkable story of a person who swam across the English Channel in 13 hours. The remarkable thing about this story is that the swimmer is a quadruple amputee and the first to ever achieve what he has done.

    This is again a powerful story of overcoming the inherent obstacles in life. Obstacles are meant to be broken down, overcame and overpowered should the will and desire be there for it.

    How has this story inspired you to overcome obstacles? What obstacles in your life are in need of overcoming right now?


    This video shows what can happen when love is the most valuable asset you have in your life. Team Hoyt is the name given to a father and son team, who together overcame the obstacles that life set in front of them.

    Do you see a trend? So many of these videos show peoples disabled, unable to live the life others thought they could, and every time they come back and tell those people, “No, we will live the life of our own design, of our own making”.

    You too can live a life by design even as Team Hoyt so many others have done. Now watch this video and be inspired by the love between a father and son.

    How has this story inspired you to overcome obstacles? What obstacles in your life are in need of overcoming right now?

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