These are just my reflections on the terrible siege at Martin Place in Sydney and how they what has happened has stirred me to ask questions about what legacy means. Click play to watch the video or read more below.

These are just my reflections on the terrible siege at Martin Place in Sydney. My wife and I along with millions were tuned in to the news because our hearts were touched and effected while the siege was on. Then as many we found out the next morning what had happened and we were struck with deep sadness and loss for the families of those that were shot and the effect that this event has had on us. I believe that any political or religious goal that this evil man had in mind it backfired as we are now stronger in our bond, stronger in our convictions, stronger in our faith and stronger in our freedoms. As I said in my opening sentence, these are just my reflections from a raw perspective as I write today. This event also caused me to stir around the idea of ‘legacy’ and what it really means.

We read that legacy means ‘Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.’ according to

I feel that a legacy is lived and it also what we are remembered for. So my question is: What is the legacy of this shooter? Like what is to be gained and what is the legacy that he’s leaving behind?

What is the legacy of the 2 people that were shot during the siege by the gunman? Tori Johnson has been described as ‘one of the most selfless men I ever met.’ and ‘has been hailed a hero after details emerged of how he tried to overpower the gunman to protect his staff and customers.’

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So I ask myself ‘Scott, how will Tori be remembered?’ People are describing him as a hero and selfless. He will be remembered for many more qualities than that I’m sure. The flowers on Martin Place are only a symbol of Tori’s legacy.

Then as you’ll watch in this video is bring up the questions of how we live our legacy and what that means. So the real question is ‘What is living a legacy and if you were to die tomorrow how will you be remembered?

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Scott Epp
Certified Professional Coach