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    Get your Free Ticket for The Life Plan Intensive on October 31st (from 9am – 7pm at The Sydney Boulevard Hotel by clicking this image.)

    Way to Go! You chose to extremely love yourself by attending The Life Plan Intensive day on Saturday! Greg and myself are so glad to hear that so many of you got rich results from your day. Now is your time to take your life to the next level and get into massive immediate action on your most important life priorities and action steps. We asked you to write a 100 day action plan for your most important priorities. Did you get that step finished? If not – go back to your workbook and put your life plan into action. Get your steps in motion. After all if you aren’t going to take responsibility for your life – then who will. You are amazing and you are the hero on your epic journey of life! The hero is already victorious – he / she just needs to start their epic journey.

    Greg and I want to make this day even more special for our October 31st date. If you want to go to the Oct 31st Life Plan Intensive or if you have family or friends you can get your free ticket by clicking here. Could you please take a few minutes and answer a few questions on this survey? The survey is designed to call you back to your experiences and key learning points throughout the day. The feedback you give us will enable us to be our best and to grow because we feel that building a life plan is one of the most important topics that we could present on – if not the most important. So many people are drifting in life – and getting clarity and and a solid action plan will people the fuel to be their best. Please fill out the survey. If you missed a few sessions then just skip those questions. Thank you so much for your feedback and support.

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